10 Amazing Facts About Female Escort Services


10 Amazing Facts About Female Escort Services

October 27,2021

People have been fascinated with the world of sex work for a while now. It was really interesting to see what life is like for both men and women in this escort industry from an outside perspective. The more you study it, the more positive facts about vancouver escorts prostitution came to light, which led to compiling them in this pile of information. You will be surprised at some of them.

Factual data about escort services

  1. A lot of female escorts are not desperate. On the contrary, they enjoy their work and never want to leave. So those who think that it would affect the mental health of the escorts if they get indulged in any sexual intercourse, then they are wrong.
  2. Female escorts experience all sorts of men, but the worst they ever experienced was one who smelt like rotten eggs. But, of course, that's better than getting someone who has not taken a bath because they have a much better smell.
  3. Female escorts have a high success rate for satisfying or pleasing their clients, and it’s hard for many women to achieve. However, it is generally thought that they better understand what men want and how to please them.
  4. Female escorts make more money than female prostitutes or models. Escorts charge an average of 300 INR per hour, while high-end sex works charge around 15,000 INR.
  5. Sex with a beautiful prostitute is probably better than with your girlfriend, and this is not any statement like this one of the most written feedback given by the service consumers.
  6. You can get a prostitute in any state or city. To be more specific, one in every 300 adult males is a prostitute in the US alone, so there are high percentages that you will get all these escort services from any city or country. People find mature escorts much more happening than others.
  7. Most escorts have a fantasy of what they want their client to be like. They often tell their clients their fantasy, for instance, a man who has a tattoo on his shoulder. They enjoy doing this because it shows them that you are thinking about what you want and willing to do the same as them.
  8. You will enjoy a lot more attention from your girlfriend if she is not an escort, as one study has stated that people prefer escorts over women who don’t work in the sex industry. They seem happier with themselves and more fun to be with even though they’ve got a boyfriend or husband at home.
  9. 10. it’s not necessary to have sex with the escort, you can hang out with them as a friend, and it acts as a great way of dealing with loneliness. You don't need to think about what the escort would think as they are not judgmental.
  10. Many of the escorts are probably well-educated and doing it as a choice. They are doing this with great dignity, and they have chosen it as a career option with their own will. People also call these women as call girls.

It’s very fascinating to have all these services because your needs and wants are getting fulfilled. But it will get more fun if you will go through all the above mention details.